This is the front of our "Home on the Range, where with beer and amplifiers we play"

The shack is the 2 window room on the top. The rest of the house was only built to hold the shack up at that height.

Click for an enlargement

This is a description of the antennas on Tower No2.

Click for an enlargement.

This is a good aspect shot which demonstrates our fantastic "Take Off" due to the sloping foreground effect.

This is a night shot of Tower No1. 

If you look closely you can see the city lights on the coastal plain below us.

Yeah...Click for an enlargement

Don't let the size of this thumb nail fool you...this is the pic to blow you away. You can be the antenna and when you hit the scroll bar to go right or left you will see all that the antenna sees from NW (Short Path Europe) around to the SE (Long Path Europe) Be warned, this is a big pic (283k), but well worth the time to download and make believe you are a yagi looking for DX.

This is one of the 40m-75m fixed Wire Yagi's. Click to enlarge.

Well, I'd better go and do some more work here. I'll get some shack photos together with some other interesting stuff and upload it all check back shortly.

73's Rick VK4HF