Welcome to VK4HF a Ham Radio Station just North of Brisbane on 20 acres of Ham Radio antenna farm. If you're looking for a Ham Radio Holiday in Australia, we have a Rental Radio Shack for your enjoyment.

Rick & Julie Rodgers live on 20 acres on the end of a mountain spur, 50 kilometres North of Brisbane. We have an uninterrupted view of about 240 degrees stretching out past the Pacific Ocean shores to about 80 kilometres. We're at 1000 feet above sea level and no neighbours visible to the naked eye. The neighbouring properties are all farms with their fair share of natural forest. Now, I ask you "Is this the place to build an antenna farm and HOWL CQ DX until you're blue in the face???" Is this Ham Radio Heaven??

 We have a photo on the next page that will just blow you away as the saying goes....Let's go


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This pic is current as of May 2002.

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Moet & Strawberries...a girl's second best friends.

Tower No1: 50 foot tilt over crank up. Antennas: Hy-Gain 204BA (4 el mono bander 20m) and on top a 6 el mono bander for 6 metres.

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Part of Tower No2 and an explanation of the low band yagi's for 40m & 75m

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This is Tower No2 Click it for an enlargement. 


Wanna say hello??  You can e-mail me VK4HF@keylink.com.au

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